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cannot copy file. The device has either stopped responding or been disconnected.Support

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  1. AngelicCore

    AngelicCore Well-Known Member


    Official Rom here, just rooted using autoroot.

    Whenever i transfer files using MTP (miss UMS) it may or may not transfer it.

    I have latest Kies and am using the USB cable that came with the note.

    So i copy 10 files for example .. some files work...some...they just give me errors.

    It doesn't depend on size or anything just randomly i get this message..i press skip file and it MAY or MAY copy the next file, same issue.

    Used to happen to my S2(different PC & Cables) too..Never had an issue with Mass Storage mode..it is this idiotic MTP :(

    Any thing i can do to never see this error again? :smokingsomb:

  2. AngelicCore

    AngelicCore Well-Known Member

    just adding:

    After the problem doesn't seem to be the copying as much as copying/writing to that particular folder.

    I tried copying Asphalt 7(hate downloading 1.5gigs each format) obb file into Phone=>Android=>obb and it refused to copy a single file..then i tried to copy into root of device and it worked...now tried (still using MTP) to copy it from root to obb folder...same error again.

    Is there some way to have exclusive access or something like that?
  3. AngelicCore

    AngelicCore Well-Known Member

    Ok after some trial and error and some searching I got it:

    Problem: Since 4.1.2 (atleast) the phone/android/obb is write protected when using MTP connection
    Solution: Copy the files using MTP to any other directory. On the phone using any file explorer, even My Files, move into desired folder.

    It is a work around, but atleast it works and saves me from downloading gigs of files i already have backed up
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  4. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :) Guide

    Thanks for passing along what you found as a fix! :)
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