Cannot delete broken/ghost widget on homescreen

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  1. cycleboy

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    Hey, everyone,

    I just developed a problem on my Evo Shift that's driving me nuts: when I go to my homescreen from my lockscreen, the weather portion of the HTC Sense clock widget (shining Sun in this instance) shows up on top of everything, then disappears after a few seconds. I've tried grabbing it to delete it, but once I touch the screen, the Sun/widget disappears and I'm taken to the Personalize screen. I'm not rooted and running Sense. My homescreen has no widgets on it, only apps. I've tried changing the scene and the skin, but to no avail. I've also tried to delete data on HTC Sense via Manage Applications, but again, no luck.

    I'm at a total loss here.


  2. cycleboy

    cycleboy Member

    Finally found an answer from a fellow poster named Brad:

    If you have WidgetLocker installed (I do), look in settings under "Look & Feel." There's a setting called "HTC Weather Animations." Set that to "Disabled" and the annoying animations (clouds, sun, etc.) finally stop.

    Thanks again to Brad.

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