Cannot delete linked contacts from sony xperia z 1General

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  1. zee064

    zee064 New Member

    Hi guys
    Plz help! I am trying to delete some contacts from my fone n it says it 'cannot delete contact'. When i check its linked to either whatsapp or email xchange. And i think that screws up the whole idea of whatsapp privacy settings coz now on WhatsApp i hv changed all to restrict to my saved contacts bt even the deleted can still see my profile picture n status! Who has any idea what is going on :-S

  2. Sathish Guna

    Sathish Guna New Member

  3. Sathish Guna

    Sathish Guna New Member

    Even i was facing the same prob. but we do ve a solution for this issue. Uninstall whatsapp and reinstall it. so that all the linked contacts of whatsapp will be deleted.

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