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  1. WoJ

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    I am trying to disable the applications update notifications (the ones I get in the top left corner and when I slide the hidden panel down -- sorry for the noob vocabulary but I am new to Android phones (switched from the dark side [​IMG]).
    I saw in Play Store -> Parameters (I have the French version, hopefully the translation matches the English one) that I can disable them (first option "Notifications"). It is not very clear from the description of this parameter whether it enables just notifications about the existence of an update, or the notification about the update being done - but it does not matter, I unchecked it anyway.
    The next box is enabled (Automatic updates of applications).

    Except if there is another place where I could disable these notifications it looks like the parameter does not work -- I get the notifications about apps being updated (during and after the update) no matter if it is checked or not. The logo looks like the PlayStore "bag" with a check mark on it.

    I know that I can completely disable all kind of notifications (via the scrolling upper menu) but all others are potentially interesting. I would just like to disable the oneas about application updates.

    Thank you in advance for any hint!

  2. Stuntman

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  3. Stuntman

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    I do not believe you can disable the notification when an app is being updated or installed. Apps being updated or installed are things that you should be aware of, so that things don't get installed on your phone without you knowing about it. If you are installing an app that takes a long time, you can do some other things on your phone while it is installing. The notification will then tell you when the installation/update is done.

    This item sets whether or not you want to be notified if there is an update available for an app you already have on your phone. If you do not check this, then you have to manually go to the Play Store to see if any of your apps has an update available.

    If you check this, any time there is an update available for an app, your phone will automatically install it without asking you first. I personally don't like this. I don't want apps changing on me without my first giving them the OK.

    I'm not sure what this is.
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  4. WoJ

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    Thanks for the information.

    Well, I guess that would be best left to the user. I have plenty of applications which I could not care less if they were updated without me knowing (I would update them anyway).

    Anyway - thanks again for the information, I will have to live with these piling up icons :)
  5. Rolo42

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    I infer the first update notification option only applies when auto-update is disabled. I agree with you in that I'd rather not be nagged all the time either.

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