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  1. petros77

    petros77 Member


    My S3 displayed Owner Information on lock screen. However it is not possible to do this any more :( after I changed some options of Lock Screen (disable Help text, and enable Weather Info), even though I checked the tick box to display it. Dose anyone have this issue? Is there any solution?? :confused:


  2. mdfPhandroid

    mdfPhandroid New Member

    I am having the same issue! Had my owner's info scrolling nicely, went to change some lock screen options, then no matter what I do to undo/reset the security, the owner's info will not display anymore. :-(
  3. mdfPhandroid

    mdfPhandroid New Member

    woops, RESTART'ing the phone did the trick... doh!
    As Emily Litella used to say, "never mind"

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