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Cannot download CDC Serial DeviceSupport

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  1. lanobie

    lanobie New Member

    I am trying to download music onto my new Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket, and I was prompted to download drivers; however the "CDC Serial Device" portion failed. How can I obtain this driver?:confused:

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  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Where are you getting the drivers?

    try this one


    or install kies from Samsung's website
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  3. satyaramisetty

    satyaramisetty New Member

  4. satyaramisetty

    satyaramisetty New Member

    Thanks Ed for the post.
  5. Irish Cowboy

    Irish Cowboy New Member

    Will these driver's work with the AT&T version of Skyrocket?? If not, where do I go to download the right drivers? Thanks in advance..........
  6. buffaloparty

    buffaloparty Active Member

    I have found that getting the right drivers for a vista computer is a nightmare.

    I ended up having to go "old faithful" (my desktop/ windows xp) to get it to work.

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