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"cannot install on usb or sd card"Support

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  1. gdownloads

    gdownloads Active Member

    For quite awhile now I've been randomly getting apps that I attempt to install or update give me the "cannot install on usb or sd card" message. Its really starting to get irratating. I remember awhile ago coming across how to fix it, but at that time it hadn't ever started it yet. Now after looking and looking I saw someone mention a solution if you have a regular computer to use your card in, etc., however can't seem to find any of the solutions to fix it on your phone (I don't have any computer access). Could ANYone please help me with how to fix it?! ?
    Thank you for any/all assistance! :)

  2. batvette

    batvette Well-Known Member

    I recently had the exact same problem, it's easy to fix but you DO NEED to hook your phone up to a computer because you have to delete a file the phone considers a protected system file and it won't show it to you, even with a file manager app.
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  3. gdownloads

    gdownloads Active Member

    Crap!!! Okay, thank you (I was thinking there was another way :-(

    P. S. Do you happen to remember what has to be deleted since I hook up to a computer?
  4. batvette

    batvette Well-Known Member

    The file is called smdl2tmp1

    More info:

    Fixing The "Couldn't Install On USB Storage Or SD Card" Problem On Android

    Some are saying you don't need to hookup to a computer and can use "any file manager" but my file manager app (ES file explorer) would not find this file- just the containing folder and it wouldn't let me delete it.
    I hooked up to my PC, enabled USB file sharing, and (this is important) on the PC end changed the folder options to show hidden system files (affects the phone files too!)
    Just delete the file and all will be well again.
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  5. gdownloads

    gdownloads Active Member

    Thanks ALOT! I was able to use a friends computer for a couple seconds and took care of it. So far haven't had it happen any more. Thanks Again.

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