Cannot play some mp4s and associated issues

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  1. pmdeaves

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    I'm new to Android. I have ben given a Versus Touchpad 7, intended to take away on long journeys/nights away to view movies (yes, I expect I'll do other things with it as well, but that is the primary function I need to work). I have an additional 32GB memory card installed.

    I have some mp4 files taken from DVDs, which are copied to the additional memory card. Some of the files play on the Touchpad 7, and some don't. All work on my computer. I have tried numerous downloadable 'apps', including MX Player, and none will play the files.

    Now, the funny things. After a while the non-working files fail to show up in the file manager. In addition, all files work on someone else's Android (a phone, in this case).

    Can anyone suggest what is wrong and how I get the errant files to play, please?

    With thanks


  2. pmdeaves

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    Hmmm, no thoughts on this?

    Is there likely to be, for example, a maximum file size above which videos don't work whatever application is trying to play them?



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