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Cannot play video

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  1. EastClintwood

    EastClintwood Member


    I have tried to transfer an mp4 (Terminator salvation) from a laptop to my phone and when I play it, I get the 'cannot play video' message.

    I thought that I may have done something wrong when transferring so today I also tested it via Bluetooth with a friend who also has the desire but on o2 (I am with Orange). I turned on the ftp server and it took the file via, went to 100% completing the BT transfer but again, when I try and play it I get the exact same message. This file was also mp4. This file works on his Desire (it is a 26 minute cartoon called the Boondocks) but not mine. I cannot understand the inconsistency as you would think that the same would apply to both mine and his.

    My last phone was a n95 and I am not someone who regularly takes an interest in new gadgets coming out, making this big jump (only ever used Nokia's and Ericson's before the desire). However, I have had a new phone (always top of the range through upgrade) every 12/18 months since 2001 so I am very much used to adjusting to new phones, albeit not the 'smartphone' generation. So I am not a technophobe but nor am I a tech geek. But I cannot for the life of me work this one out.

    Any advice? Am I being thick? Is this something Orange does? Do I need to download something? Or does it seem like the phone could be faulty?

  2. hippy247

    hippy247 Well-Known Member

    What media player are you using ? My stock media player doesn't play a lot of my videos but mixZing plays all my videos. It might be worth trying to view it via another media player.
  3. EastClintwood

    EastClintwood Member

    I am using the default player which you access in photo's. This is only my 2nd day using the phone and I have not downloaded a single app ( was downloading the tx speech app but my battery was about to die so cancelled).

    So do you think that I need to download a media player?

    Also, my friend who transferred the file via BT from his HTC Desire CAN play it through the default player within the photo's section, the same place where I get the error, which suggests that the media player should work, no? As I have said, I am new to smartphones so I may be wrong in a lot of what I assume but I can think logically so please if you have advice, let me know.
  4. freddybob

    freddybob Member

  5. EastClintwood

    EastClintwood Member

    Thanks for your help you two.

    But what about for file that are ALREADY on your PC? That is what I need to do.

    Forgive the first post-I was adding and removing words before posting and have just realised that some words are in the wrong place meaning some sentences do not quite make sense, but I am sure you get the gist of it.
  6. freddybob

    freddybob Member

    I don't understand. Can you connect your phone to your PC (using the USB cable) and then copy the file onto your phone?
  7. EastClintwood

    EastClintwood Member

    Yes I can. But the problem is that when I do that, the phone will not play the video and I get that error message even though it is in mp4 format.

    Same when someone bluetooth's something to me.
  8. freddybob

    freddybob Member

    OK I understand now.

    If you download Big Buck Bunny mp4 can your phone play that? This will give a clue whether the problem is the video file or the phone itself.

    Also worth checking is which software version your phone has compared to your friend's phone.

    After that I'm out of ideas.
  9. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem with an mp4 video I downloaded from itunes. It refuses to play, I'm assuming in this case it's something related to DRM?
  10. EastClintwood

    EastClintwood Member

    I dowloaded doubletwist onto the laptop and used that as the Itunes equivalent and that has worked fine. It still does not explain the bluetooth issue earlier though, unless that was to do with licencing issues.

    PS: you MUST check out appbrain.com. So many great free apps on there.
  11. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    I could never fathom doubletwist, I found it was just easier to drop and drag through my computer.

    TEK-WARRIOR Member

    This is the prog i use to convert movies to MP4 format that DO PLAY on my Desire, its a FREE prog.
    Free Video Converter - Any Video Converter Free Version - convert video to any formats, avi to MPEG, avi to MP4, flv to MPG

    Its easy enough to get your head around, not over compicated ;), yesterday i converted "KICK-ASS" and loaded it up on the Desire and it played back fine no problems. maybe you could d/load and install AVC onto your lappy/desktop pc and give it a try. By the way i transfered the converted mp4 file onto my Desire via the USB lead from desktop to phone sd card ( placed it in media folder).:cool:
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  13. Anil Sreedhar

    Anil Sreedhar Well-Known Member

    @eastclindwood did u upgrade ur phone OS after buying??? check ur version of OS and make sure that it is the latest one... else update it n then check the video issue...
  14. EastClintwood

    EastClintwood Member

    At risk of looking stupid, how do you do that?

    Anyway, it came from Orange on Tuesday and I have not upgraded it in any way.

    I also heard said that it does not come with an FM radio but mine has one on it.

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