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  1. ronw

    ronw New Member

    My Liquid E constantly gives a message that SD card has been removed or that it cannot read SD card. This stops most apps from working and I cannot figure out what is wrong. The only fix is to power phone off and on again which then lets it read the SD card. Anyone any ideas as to what is wrong and how to fix?

  2. lquify

    lquify Active Member

    i've had this a couple of times, try a different card. see if the problem goes away.
  3. jaymangdu

    jaymangdu New Member

    I couldn't look inside my SD card either. I tried the card on my comp and it worked fine. I was told by tech support that my phone was defective. I exchanged the phone and had the same prob. I did some googleing and found out I need a file management app. I go the app but I still cant do things like make an mp3 my ringtone. I have worked with other Android OS's and had no problem, but 2.1 is pissing me off.

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