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General Cannot Reset My Phone

  1. mel2000

    mel2000 Member

    I accidentally rebooted my rooted Vortex into recovery mode using the RebootMe app and no second chances were given to back out. I was taken to a "Choose your Language" screen followed by "Welcome to LG Vortex" followed by an LGSetupWizard force close. From there I go back to the "Choose your Language" loop.

    I called LG and they told me to try Vol Down+Home+Power, but that again takes me back to the "Choose your Language" screen. I also tried the four-corners trick but that didn't work either.

    I downloaded Stock 2.2.2 ROM.zip, Stock recovery.zip and flash_image.zip to my SD card but don't know where to go from there as far as recovering since the tutorial assumes one can access a recovery screen. Could someone provide more info regarding how I can go about restoring my Vortex? Thanks.

  2. mel2000

    mel2000 Member

    Thank you so much for the link. That site actually led me to a search for a LGNPST recovery tutorial specific to LG Vortex, and it worked!! Next time I'll unroot my phone before upgrading.

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