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  1. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    So today I filmed the kids to send through MSS to their gramps. I used the MMS setting on the camera since the X10 can't edit video (amazing blunder if you ask me). But even with this setting the video gets too large to send. I've tried to change the allowed size in Handcent but that only removes the message about too big a file. The MMS is marked by a red clock indicating not sent. The original app does the same thing. Anybody else with this problem?

    The phone is rooted now but since so little can be removed after rooting due to problems with other apps I guess I'll just un-root it soon and live with Moxier. It's basically the only major app that can be removed without consequenses.

  2. paulus3476

    paulus3476 Active Member

    Have you tried recording a shorter video clip
  3. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    Yes. 8sec gave appx 550kb. When I chose to film in MMS-mode on my Nokia N95 it automatically reduced q and length so it would fit in an MMS. On the X10 it cuts the permitted length but to no avail. And with no video editing apps onboard it's hopeless. This is one of the major mistakes on the phone. Far worse than the lack of MT. It's a multimediaphone right? Crap!
  4. ads7112

    ads7112 New Member

    the limit for mms video attach is 300 kb
    I usr QiK to create video for mms
  5. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    Why the MMS-setting doesn't limit the video to 300kb is beyond me. I've tried QiK but it looks as if it's an online editor forcing me to upload the file before I can edit it. Or have I misunderstood?
  6. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    What filmsizes do you get when shooting in MMS-mode? I can only shoot a couple of seconds before it gets too big and that's not much of a film to send anywhere.
  7. aselby11

    aselby11 Member

    you could use Android SendIT from the market to email any size video to anyone ...

    just search the market for email video

    It was the top on when I downloaded it, and it works great
  8. Gurba

    Gurba Well-Known Member

    I'm looking to MMS videos not email videos. :)
  9. brick79

    brick79 New Member


    Thanks for the tip, I've been having a problem getting video to youtube or email, I'll use your sendit advice until I can figure out the rest, thanks!!
  10. harrypalmero

    harrypalmero Member

    I have an x10a on AT&T. On 1.6, MMS video was capped at 8 seconds. Not much of a video if you ask me. Since upgrading to 2.1 Global Generic, I'm able to send ~16 second clips. Try this from the dialer, press *#*#4636#*#*. It should take you to a menu. Under phone information, scroll all the way down to the bottom where it says SMSC. Press Refresh, then Update. Should restore all MMS capabilities.

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