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  1. Jp77

    Jp77 Well-Known Member

    I dial 1 and it doesnt prompt me to set up a mailbox. It asks me to input the number im trying to dial. Friends have told me that my voicemail is not working. Could rooting my atrix have something to do with this?

  2. aszreal1266

    aszreal1266 Well-Known Member

    I just went through the same thing and thought I was just dumb for not figuring it out lol. I ended up getting the google voice app and that is what I am using. Its a free app and it sets it self up. I still don't know how to set up the att voice mail for my phone.
  3. caelorum

    caelorum New Member

    Did you upgrade from a phone that had visual voice mail? If so, the switch to basic voice mail might have dropped VM from your account completely. Just call AT&T and they'll get it fixed for you.
  4. jeffreyj900

    jeffreyj900 New Member

    Press and hold the 1. I was at the ATT&T store and asked about setting up my voice mail. I just pressed and held the 1 and voice mail came up? Hope that helps.
  5. GrayKode

    GrayKode Member

    Yeah, i had the same issue before when switching from an IP4 to the Atrix, which the ATT store rep noted that it was accidentally dropped off because the IP4 and Atrix have two different types of visual voice mail setup in their systems. the rep easily re-added voice mail to my account within minutes.

  6. aszreal1266

    aszreal1266 Well-Known Member

    good to know. I'm kind of digging the google voicemail and how it sends an email with the voice mail in text format lol. Next time I'm around an att store I'll drop in and ask them.
  7. Jp77

    Jp77 Well-Known Member

    I called them. This was exactly the issue. Why doesnt att offer visual voicemail for android?

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