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  1. terryaki

    terryaki Member

    I have a HTC Inspire and I have been having this problem for DAYS now.

    An error notification showed up on my phone. It states "Sign-in error for [my email address here]. When I click on it, it says:

    Google sign-in

    You entered the wrong password or your account has changed. Please re-enter your password.

    [my email address here]

    [empty box here]

    Whenever I enter my password (yes, I enter the correct one) and click "Sign In", it still keeps asking for my password.


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  2. thowe21

    thowe21 Active Member

    I've been getting the same's a google issue. My Gmail works fine, it's their syncing I believe. I just ignore it.
  3. SamsungCaptivated

    SamsungCaptivated Well-Known Member

    Hi, First.. ignore my user name. I don't have the Samsung Captivate anymore...

    I also had the same error on my Inspire. To correct the problem, do the following.

    1) Log into your Google account on a computer and go to your account setting.
    2) Click on SECURITY
    3) Click on "Edit" for "Authorizing applications and sites"
    4) It will ask you to re-enter your Google account password. Enter it in the password field and click "VERIFY"
    6) You'll need to generate a new password for each device that shows the log-in error message.
    7)Type in a name for your device such as "My Inspire" as an example in the "Name" field under "Generate new application specific password" then click on "GENERATE PASSWORD"
    8) Google will generate a random series of numbers for your device.
    9) On your phone that is displaying the log-in error message, type in the randomly generated password as the password for your account.
    10) Your device should now work like before.
    11) Under your Account-Security-Application Specific Passwords, you'll see a list of your devices that were accepted with the randomly generated password and your abililty to "REVOKE" that access, should you lose that device.

    I had to do this to all 5 of my Android devices. After doing the above, no log-in error issues have surfaced.

    Good Luck!
  4. terryaki

    terryaki Member

    I did that a couple of days ago and...
  5. terryaki

    terryaki Member

    My Gmail doesn't work either. Nothing connected to my Google account works :( Not my Gmail, my YouTube app, my Google Voice app, etc.
  6. SamsungCaptivated

    SamsungCaptivated Well-Known Member

    Did you also turn on the 2 step verification process in your Google account?
  7. terryaki

    terryaki Member

    Yes, I did.
  8. terryaki

    terryaki Member


    I just tried giving the whole "make an application-specific password" thing another try.


    As soon as I entered the generated password into the error box, it logged me in. I started getting notifications from Google Play and from my apps! Hopefully, it stays this way!

    So, to everyone who is still having this problem, GIVE APPLICATION-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS ANOTHER TRY (or of you've never tried that, give it a first time try!)
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  9. sharribarri8

    sharribarri8 New Member

    my htc inspire gmail account wont work, it keeps asking for my password and it says its wrong, i have tried everything i know, this has been going on for months, i cant download any apps, i cant update my phone its driving me nuts, does anyone know what i can do? thank you
  10. sharribarri8

    sharribarri8 New Member

    thats exactly whats happening to me!!! been doing it for months, i dont know what to do, im about to throw the phone away!!! hope someone can help us!
  11. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    welcome to the forums!!!!!!

    i merged your two threads (posts) together.

    so have you tried the suggestions mentioned in this post? maybe try a factory reset as well.
  12. Errefae

    Errefae New Member

    This worked with me thanks alot
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