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  1. wgraz

    wgraz Member

    Is anyone having issues right now with syncing their samsung account? Within the Samsung account syncing settings, when I go to check/select Calendar, Contracts and Internet, the status wheel keeps spinning. And then the spinning stops with a small red exclamation mark, and on the bottom in small text, it says "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." Thanks

    Still on ICS Android. I know the JB OTA update for is occurring for GT-N8013 today. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    No problems syncing here.
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  3. wgraz

    wgraz Member

    Thanks. I just unchecked all three boxes and rechecked them again(for the 4-5th time) and this time then are now checked with no red exclamation mark. Looks like it's working now.
  4. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    Has not worked for me in 3 days. Gave up and moved on.
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  5. wgraz

    wgraz Member

    Thanks for letting me know there is/was an issue with the Samsung sync.
  6. eddieras

    eddieras Well-Known Member

    i'm having problems too with my GS3 - yet my son has same phone and his gmail account calendar syncs - but mine doesn't - what is going on??
  7. wgraz

    wgraz Member

    Don't know. I'm thinking that Samsung is busy with the JB OTA update. Just an un-educated guess.
  8. eddieras

    eddieras Well-Known Member

    i found the issue - i had downloaded Google Calendar a while back and just deleted it, keeping just the stock one. seems sync was looking for the downloaded one. i reinstalled it and the stock calendar is syncing again.
  9. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    It sunk this evening.
  10. Dresden697

    Dresden697 New Member

    what does samsung account even sync to? under "my storage it says internet 6.19kb"
  11. Jim_Christian

    Jim_Christian New Member

    i also downloaded the Google calendar, it also did not work. Removed it, removed all data from Samsung's calendar and tried again, still no luck. This is a requirement for how I am using the Note 10.1 and II. If it won't sink to the Google calendar on the PC it is useless.

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