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  1. Sugglew

    Sugglew New Member

    I have tried different ways to transfer 23GB of music to my 32GB SD and the results are always the same. I've tried dragging my folders containing the music onto the card with the phone in USB transfer mode (both pc and mac), I've tried it with the SD plugged directly into the mac, I've copied all my files into Kies and done it that way. The result is the same: the transfer completes but then between 2 and 4 GB of the data appears on the phone. Then when the card is plugged into the mac again it shows that the files are gone.

    Is this happening to anybody else or can anybody explain this? My ipod was stolen recently and this phone and card were to be an elegant solution so if anyone can help me it'd be very much appreciated.

  2. Gammer

    Gammer Well-Known Member

    That actually sounds like it's more a problem with the card. I recently bought an 8gb card and any videos,music or pictures I added to it wouldn't show on my ace or they would be corrupt files,as soon as I tried them on a different card they worked fine.

    I have a feeling you may have a faulty card.
  3. luke070879

    luke070879 New Member

    I have a similar problem, i transferred all my music from pc to the ace, once i tried to listen to it it was firstly in the my files icon and not in music icon, and then when i clicked on the song i wanted it said no application can run this! does anyone know how i can transfer music from pc to my ace and be able to listen to it, i am a music lover and would love to listen asap!! please help me a bit of a beginer
  4. Velma73

    Velma73 New Member

    I have the exact same problem as luke above - HELP PLEASE!! :eek:
  5. emyegeeayen

    emyegeeayen New Member

    same problem here =((

    plus my earphones don't seem to be working =(( the music still comes out from the speakers instead. please advise!

    p\s: i just noticed that the files that "no applications can perform this action" are .wma & the files that can be played are .mp3.. does that mean that .wma files cannot be played?????
  6. Velma73

    Velma73 New Member

    /\ /\

    This is what mine says........any help appreciated! Does it mean i have to change the wma files to mp3 or something before transferring over?? :confused:
  7. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi, yes the Ace will not play wma files. You have to download a free converter and convert on your pc to mp3 before transferring to the Ace.

    GrahamF. London :)
  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You guys can also try to get music players that play wma files.
  9. Velma73

    Velma73 New Member

    brill - ta v much!
  10. Shadow8812

    Shadow8812 New Member

    I have tryed everything on this thread (including converting to MP3) and it STILL wont work..... HELP!!!
  11. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

    Why not try MyPhoneExplorerto FJ Software Development to transfer music to the memory card. I use this s/w for my sync/backups/uploads/downloads. Hope it helps :)
  12. gn2

    gn2 New Member

    To the OP, you must first verify that your SD card is indeed what it is supposed to be, size wise. I don't know where you bought it, or what brand it is, but virtually ALL 32GB cards sold on ebay are counterfeit and are actually only 1GB or smaller in size.

    Search for this, there are quick and easy methods to verify your card, but its necessary to do this first. Counterfeit cards look like they are what they say they are, files seem to transfer, but the end result is, none of this actually happens. You're chasing ghosts till you verify your actual card is good first.
  13. Aceofwades

    Aceofwades New Member

    How do I move music from my files icon to music icon
  14. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

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