Cannot update phone...will not reset

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  1. samsung issues

    samsung issues New Member

    I rooted my samsung continuum to remove bloatware and add free tethering. I tried to reset my phone but it will not allow a hard reset. The reset through the setting menu is going through. In any case, after resetting through the setting menu, I still cannot install the new update.

    What can I do? Verizon offered to mail me a refurb phone, which I do not want since I already have a new phone.

  2. samsung issues

    samsung issues New Member

    bump? Still having the same problem!
  3. copestag

    copestag Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Forums :)

    I havent messed with the Continuum much since my wife just got hers last night.........

    but from experience through the Eris and the Incredible with rooting and roms etc etc I can tell you a few things

    updates dont work on rooted/rommed phones typically....... I would feel comfortable in saying this is the same for the Continuum... so with root you get no updates....... youll have to wait for a rom that has the updated features

    the other route to take is to unroot the phone........ not sure if theres a method for the Continuum yet..... this typically requires flashing the stock RUU for the phone

    if theres an unroot method for the Continuum then you can receive the update after you unroot......... then try to root if the same root method works....... or youll have to wait for a new root method which works with the update

    thats not really a whole lot of help and Im sure not the answer you were hoping for....... but thats kind of the way things work....... hope it helps

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