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Cannot zoom when shooting videos.General

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  1. gazza192

    gazza192 Member

    Having gone from an x10 to the arc i cannot believe that i cannot zoom in when making a video where as this was possible with the x10. Also cannot zoom in when taking pics in 8.1 mps. Is this correct?

  2. Dragolax

    Dragolax New Member

    The zoom features for the arc have been released in the latest phone software updates with the latest one giving it 18x zoom in videos. Just updated mine today and got it.
  3. vivekgb

    vivekgb New Member

    hi bro can u give me link of the update ???
  4. GetRooted

    GetRooted Active Member

    I've also noticed that I can't zoom in when using video mode and I have the latest update. V2.3.4.
  5. GetRooted

    GetRooted Active Member

    Found out just recently that the volume keys are used for zoom.

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