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  1. marbledgodwit

    marbledgodwit Active Member

    All was well went I went to sleep last night. Changed my wallpaper, then leaving my phone unplugged, went to sleep. This morning I decided I wanted to change my wallpaper again, but now I can't access my gallery at all.

    Now when I hit gallery, I get a box with an exclamation point in a white triangle that says NO STORAGE and underneath that it says "No external storage available". Under that it says cancel. If I hit cancel, my gallery goes away. If I hit a group of photos to try to bring up a collection, the gallery disappears from my view. If I go to settings & pull up storage and then hit Pictures & video, it pulls up my gallery, but shows the same box with the NO STORAGE thing again.

    When I check storage under settings, it shows 27,38 GB available and for photos specifically, it shows that I have 90.16 MB on my phone. The majority of what I have are saved wallpapers from 2 apps - Backgrounds HD & Wallpapers HD.

    I took screen shots, but of course can't access them because I can't get into the gallery.

    Any suggestions?


  2. Dabitz

    Dabitz Well-Known Member

    I would go into settings/apps and clear data for both "Gallery" and "Media Storage". Reboot the phone and try again.
  3. marbledgodwit

    marbledgodwit Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, will try it ASAP.
  4. marbledgodwit

    marbledgodwit Active Member

    Tried & worked. Thanks again.
  5. Dabitz

    Dabitz Well-Known Member

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