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  1. Bobkaron

    Bobkaron Member

    Since doing the OTA Froyo update on my Incredible I can not access the SD card when charging.
    I have gone into Settings > Connect to PC and default connection is set to Charging only.
    I have tried it with "Ask Me" both checked and unchecked, pulled the battery, etc.
    When connecting power it doesn't ask anyway as it knows it's power and not a computer connection.
    But as soon as any charger (have multiple chargers) is connected the sd card is unmounted. Unplugging power shows the sd card remounting.
    It's a big probably because if you want to let's say listen to a podcast or music on the sd card, I cant charge the phone at the same time.
    Any ideas would be great appreciated.

  2. Bobkaron

    Bobkaron Member

    Just tried something, I set the default option to HTC Sync and was able to access the SD card with power connected. But with Charge Only selected it doesn't work. Makes no sense. Any thoughts?
  3. meatweaver

    meatweaver Member

    Bob--I've had the same problem since upgrading to Froyo. I'm going to try your suggestion. I agree it makes no sense, but hey--if it works it works.
  4. meatweaver

    meatweaver Member

    Nope, that doesn't work for me. I think this is a pretty significant problem. I like to listen to podcasts as I fall asleep, and its annoying that I have to make sure not to fall asleep without plugging my phone in to charge (because I can't listen to podcasts with the phone plugged in).

    Is anyone else having this problem since upgrading and does anyone have a solution?
  5. NilsE

    NilsE Well-Known Member

    This may not help you but I had this problem and it was caused by a bad wall charger. No matter what I did when I used that charger it locked everything out.

    Since you are connecting with USB it may very well be a bad cable.
  6. Wyophil

    Wyophil New Member

    I'm having the same issue. Doesn't matter which cord I use. Tried a different card, too but no luck so far. Haven't tried the HTC Sync option.
  7. Ted1Jones

    Ted1Jones Well-Known Member

    I too am having the same problem. When I connect with USB - no phone storage or SD card on Win 7 PC, only a drive called "CD Drive F: Verizon Wireless". Also not asked on Incredible how to connect to the PC.

    I think this started happening after Rooting (but no new ROM).

    I tried a different cable with same results. Thanks.
  8. NilsE

    NilsE Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you are defaulting to charge only. You may have accidently hit "don't ask again"

    Go into Settings > Connect to PC > and make sure ask me is checked.
  9. litening

    litening New Member

    I had the same issue using the stock 2.2 rom (unrooted).
    When charging through car charger or wall charger, I would lose access to my SD card.

    In the end it got solved by doing the following:
    - plugged it into my PC and switched to Disc drive mode
    - waited for it to mount on the PC
    - Accessed a couple of files from the PC just to check
    - Switch phone back to charge only mode (wait for notification bar to display "preparing sd card" message)
    - Launched a music player to to check access to music on SD card while plugged in (just trying a file manager to browse your SD would also work).
    - Unplugged phone.
    Now SD card remains accessible whenplugged into wall charger.

    You probably don't need to do the checks. Just flipping it to Disc Drive mode and back (waiting for it to mount correctly both times) should do the trick.

    Hope this help you guys out.
  10. Global_S

    Global_S Member

    I was just about to post asking about this as made my first journey with it today and had the same problem. Thank You.

    One other charging related query. Once during the journey I got a message saying the it was getting as much juice as it was consuming. Is this a common thing or have I picked up a duff charger?

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