can't activate (sprint) CM9/rooted SPH-d700 **help**

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  1. Alright I'm sorry if this has been listed before. I bought a used clean ESN Epic 4g (sprint, btw whats the difference between that phone and the Galaxy S, or same phone?)

    It has CM9/ICS rooted (obviously)...a clean ESN (sprint checked it out) but I can't activate it with the rom and root. The codes given in the phone dialer don't do jack. I have heard/seen of this problem before but *cannot* for the life of me find an answer.

    I want to keep the phone rooted w/ CM9, but realize I do need to activate the phone!

    What is my best option here? Step by Step people.

    P.S. I am on OS X and would **really** prefer not to have to do the parallels shit!

  2. Zeinzu

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    I'm gonna give you a link when I wake up tomorrow (unless someone does it for me) to a temp bootable EL30 that boots from your sd card. This should allow you to use the dialer codes you need to, as well as update your profile and prl. Once done just reboot and it will boot back to cm9 without having touched it. If you wanna search for it yourself it's in the development section for the Epic on XDA.

    Also, this phone "is" the Galaxy S. It's just a US variant of it with a keyboard.
  3. can you give me that link? I can't find an SD root specific version of EL30....
  4. Zeinzu

    Zeinzu Well-Known Member

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