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  1. lizzieabney

    lizzieabney New Member

    I just upgraded my OneX to the M8. I used the HTC transfer tool to move over settings/music/pics...

    The gallery is a bit redesigned from what I was used to, but it seems like for the albums that were transferred over, I can't add any pictures to them. I can delete them or rename them, but I can't move any more pictures to them.

    I can add new albums. Any idea why I can't add pictures to the ones that were transferred over?


  2. SolApathy

    SolApathy Just another robot Guide

    Welcome to our forums!

    This is the best place to post this information for a quick resolution. Personally I did not have any issues transferring from my M7 to my M8. I was able to add pictures to different albums by opening the Gallery, opening a existing gallery (like camera shots) pressing menu, move to, selecting the photos I want to move, next, and then selecting the gallery to put them in.

    I hope this helps you out.
  3. lizzieabney

    lizzieabney New Member

    When I followed those steps it acted like I was moving the pictures, but it was actually creating a new album with the same name as the one I had chosen.

    Thanks for the reply! I'm going to re-import the pics (got a bigger sd card anyway :) ) and see if that helps any.


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