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  1. shadowfyre

    shadowfyre New Member

    I've been using MixZing for a long time and I really like it. I usually browse my music by folder structure or playlists and MixZing does that for me very easily. I even bought the upgrader a couple years ago.

    I recently upgraded to the Galaxy S3 and couldn't figure out how to transfer my playlists from my old LG Optimus. So I figured that I have to start going through all 15 GB of music and recreate a couple dozen playlists.

    However, when I try to add a song to the playlist, the menu does not recognize my touch.
    I start up MixZinga
    tap Folders
    tap a folder name
    tap a song to start playing it
    tap the menu touch key
    tap the More

    This bring up another menu to Add to Playlist, Delete, Use as Ringtone, etc... But it doesn't register any of my touches.

    Searching Google shows that one other person had this problem, but he had a rooted phone and no one answered his query. My phone is stock and I was hoping to get an answer here.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled MixZing. And the MixZing support forums is nothing but spam.

    I tried the stock player and Google Play, and while I can create the playlists, I don't like their folder navigation. Instead of keeping all my Beatles albums under a Beatles folder, it lists each album as a folder and spreads them all over the place.

    If MixZing is no longer supported, I guess I would consider a new player. Anything out there that meets my criteria?

  2. jcx1028

    jcx1028 New Member

    Mixzing worked fine for me until I updated to the latest version of Android (4.1.1) over the weekend. Now I'm having the same problems that you describe. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. jcx1028

    jcx1028 New Member

    In case anyone is still looking for a solution to this, bring up the menu in question, then rotate the phone to landscape mode and back. You'll then be able to select the options in the menu. That said, I'm on the verge of abandoning Mixzing altogether. Not only does the app not seem to perform basic functions that it once did, their website support forums are riddled with spam. Seems to me like the developers long ago stopped caring.

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