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Can't add Yahoo mail!?Support

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  1. rythmking24

    rythmking24 New Member


    Just got a new Galaxy Europa with Android 2.2. But I can't add my Yahoo account to the stock email application. It keeps saying that my username or password are incorrect, when I know that's not the case.

    I've searched the web for solutions. I've tried the manual method using IMAP etc, but nothing has worked.

    I'd be grateful for a solution, or even to know that someone else is having the same problem and it's not just my phone.

    Many thanks.

  2. Rambo69only

    Rambo69only Member

    If it's any help there is a yahoo app on the android market for free.:)
  3. 2012

    2012 Well-Known Member

  4. rythmking24

    rythmking24 New Member

    Thanks for the response :)

    I actually managed to work out how to link my yahoo account to the stock email application aswell.

    In case anyone's interested, all you need to do is go to Yahoo, then your mail, then Options> Mail options> POP & Forwarding, then click on 'Access Yahoo! Mail via POP'. Simple as that.


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