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  1. Laymen

    Laymen Active Member

    I'm trying to update my new Hero with the maintenance release on the HTC site. The site says if my "Build Number" is less than 2.31.651.7 then I should go through the steps to do this. The only problem is when I go into "System Updates," there is no "HTC software update" option under the "Update PRL" option.

    What does this mean?

    Is the Build update the same as the software update or is that something separate?

    Thanks. :confused:

  2. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    The build number is the same as the HTC update
  3. Laymen

    Laymen Active Member

    Sweet. So what would be the reason the 4th option, "HTC software update," isn't available on the menu for me to select and update my phone? My build number is like 1.56 ect.

    On the HTC site it says there should be 4 options:

    Firmware Update
    Update Profile
    Update PRI
    HTC software update

    All I have are:

    Firmware Update
    Update Profile
    Update PRI

  4. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    Did you press firmware update? I believe that is where the update is
  5. Laymen

    Laymen Active Member

    I have checked the firmware update and there are none.

    Just wondering why I can't do an update from build 1.56 to get up to the spec'd 2.31 and why my screen doesn't look like this ...


  6. Laymen

    Laymen Active Member

    Oi - Time to tune in on my superpowers of comprehension. >_<

    From what I get is, I should at least be able to update to 2.1 through Sprint... Then the rest is all about the accessing of Root. However, I cannot even legitimately get passed the 1.56 to move into the magical realm of 2.(x) and that seems odd to me because it sounds like I should be able to before the battle of carving out my own way. Besides. I'm old and curmudgeonly. Tired of the tech V. me battle. I no wanna go hacky hack into this phone unless it's the very last option. Ultimately, I just want to know what the hold up is for the legitimate inability. :p

    Thanks for the link though. It does help in the constant move towards education furtherance.

  7. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry I gave you that link, it will not work. I am just now realizing you are on 1.5, not 2.1:(

    You will either have to upgrade to 2.1 yourself with a computer OR you will have to take it in to your local Sprint store and have them upgrade your phone to 2.1.

    After it is upgraded, then you will be able to upgrade to the newest Sprint/HTC release
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  8. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    As Andy said. you are running Android 1.5. Go to the Sprint website, and find the link called software updates. (or somthing very similar) If I remember correctly, then choose smart phones, then Hero. The 2.1 update instructions will be there. You have to have a computer and the cable to plug your Hero into the computer. Then you download the exacutable file and it installs on the phone, Your contacts should be saved if they are called "google" contacts, (vs "phone" contacts) and anything on your SD card will also be saved. All other settings and apps will be gone, although all apps can be re-downloaded the first time you go to the market.

    After that you should be able to get the latest maintenance updates, or root, if you want. Of course, you can root with 1.5 also..... If you need help, just let us know,
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  9. Laymen

    Laymen Active Member

    Np ;)

  10. Laymen

    Laymen Active Member

    Awesome - thanks a lot. =)

  11. Laymen

    Laymen Active Member

  12. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    I personally had no trouble with 2.1. I believe it was a huge upgrade from 1.5. They also solved the dialer lag with the recent update.

    The only thing I was disappointed in was 2.2/Froyo was not coming to the Hero, hence, that's why I rooted my phone.

    All in all, I would upgrade if I were you:)
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  13. Laymen

    Laymen Active Member

    Hmmmmmmm ...

    /me takes Andy's suggestion into consideration.
    /me waits for a few more suggestions.

    More chime in please?

    /me slaps everyone around with a large trout. ;P

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