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cant boot into recovery mode

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  1. horyn214

    horyn214 New Member

    So I recently rooted my phone and then completly unrooted it and I'm trying to see if you can update to 2.1 with the cliq update just by renaming tmobile to verizon and when I hold r and space it just boots up and not into recovery? My phone sucks and I just wana make it a little cooler before I get a droid from verizon any help?:eek:

  2. AustinLott

    AustinLott Well-Known Member

    It wont work. All android devices are extremely different in their coding. aAd if your trying to boot into recovery you have to hold the power button, "R", and "Space"
  3. p_025

    p_025 Well-Known Member

    This is why I want the update.zip file for the update for the devour from last summer. I wonder if we can hack an update for 2.1 or later into it.
  4. AustinLott

    AustinLott Well-Known Member

    It's not that simple. We would have to edit every individual file. It would take months and a Linux Computer running 24/7. It would be simpler to create a ROM from scratch.

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