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  1. palroj

    palroj New Member


    I recently bought this smartphone and I'm having some difficulties with something. I was using the LG keyboard (which simulates the usual mobile phone keyboard with letters spread around the number buttons) and somehow I changed to the Default Android keyboard.. but now I can't change back! I go to Settings -> Location and Keyboard but there's no way I can change to the LG keyboard, no chackbox, nothing. What did I do wrong? How can I go back?

    I also tried installing the Swift keyboard and checkd it on the settings panel, but to no use because I always get the Android Keyboard...


  2. palroj

    palroj New Member

    Ok, just found out how it is... press and hold the "?123" key and voil
  3. nabobvan

    nabobvan New Member

    Great, thank you!
  4. msitech

    msitech New Member

    or you can turn off the android keyboard, it will automatically turn to lg keyboard again
  5. r3JAM

    r3JAM Member

    You can also press and hold on one of the text fields and tap on Input Method then LG Keyboard/Android Keyboard.
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  6. sunny_sowelu

    sunny_sowelu New Member

    Thank you so much. I just got the same problem, but now I can use my LG keyboard again...
  7. aposk4

    aposk4 New Member

    By mistake I go to running aplications / LG keyboard and I choose " Force Stop" .
    How can I recover this ??? Please help
  8. aposk4

    aposk4 New Member

    its enabled by itself ... maybe from internet... all ok thanks
  9. JJ2011

    JJ2011 New Member

    Thank You SOOO much... I just spent an hour trying to figure this out then did a google serach and low and behold!! THE ANSWER :)
  10. skydancer

    skydancer New Member

    I have an optimus T but since this topic is discussed here, I'll try this forum: I have the android and the swype keyboard and I have a very hard time using either one of them. I would love to have the old number keyboard with the letters but it does not show up in my keyboard options. It only comes up when I need to dial a number. Does anyone know how I can get the number keyboard for use as text input, just as on the older phones? I would love to get some inpout.
  11. andyg2

    andyg2 New Member

  12. biep

    biep Member

    it is !!!! :)
  13. Holly19

    Holly19 New Member

  14. sifu malique

    sifu malique New Member

    Hi alls, I just had the same prob, and this forum really helps me..tq so much!
  15. peterevans66

    peterevans66 New Member

    thanks very much. this phone is so irritating at times...more to the point the lack of guidance from the manufacturer
  16. Lineworks

    Lineworks New Member

    None of the solutions are showing on my screen, only the questions. What do I need to do to see the solution.
  17. Lineworks

    Lineworks New Member

    All posts are showing today so thanks everyone.
  18. theartistkevin

    theartistkevin New Member

    Awesome! New phone...will be back here I'm sure
  19. lutheratus

    lutheratus New Member

    Thanks a bunch!
  20. fretfulloafer

    fretfulloafer New Member


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