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  1. tabularasa

    tabularasa New Member

    I'm re-posting this from the T-mobile forum because I just found this forum and it looks more informative and active.

    I am not very impressed with the still-image or video camera on the Galaxy S 4G, but I'm not sure whether or not my issues are due to user error. The only smart phone I've owned is an iPhone 3G, and I fully admit that I'm not very knowledgeable about the Galaxy phone as of yet. Here's what I'm wondering...

    • Does the front-facing camera take low quality pictures, while the back-facing camera takes the 5mp pictures? I can't get the phone to take good quality pictures using the front facing camera. The camera on the back of the phone works fine.

      Here is an example of a picture taken with the back camera. Here is an example of a picture taken with the front camera.

      I haven't edited or resized the photos at all. The pictures taken with the front camera are grainy, dark, flat (colors are dull), and just over all low quality. Is that the way they're supposed to look?

      I've tried to play with the Camera settings, but all of the settings are 'grayed' out and cannot be changed except for "Image quality" on the 5th page. Using the front camera, I've tried taking pictures with Superfine quality, Fine quality, and Normal quality but they don't look good on any setting. I'm confused about why the other settings are inactive and can't be changed, but I haven't been able to find a way to activate them.

    • Can pictures and video only be taken with the phone facing horizontally? The camera and pictures do not auto-rotate when you hold the phone vertically? I kept looking for a setting to get them to auto-rotate, but couldn't find anything so I'm just making sure that I'm not missing it.

    • Is there an option to shoot video using the front facing camera? It would seem like such a great option to have if you want to shoot Youtube videos or do any kind of video blogging or diaries, but I don't think the phone offers that capability. Am I wrong?

    *EDIT* Well, after a lot of reading and playing around I've come to the conclusion that you can change the camera settings when using the back camera, but not the front. Therefore, the front camera takes low quality pictures.

    I believe I read in a different thread on this forum that you can't use the front facing camera to shoot video.

    I also discovered that when you view pictures in the Gallery they will auto-rotate depending on how you're holding your phone. If you take a picture with the phone held vertically, the camera interface will not auto-rotate and will remain horizontal, and the 'review' picture will remain horizontal with black bars on either side of it, but when viewed in the Gallery the picture will rotate so it can be viewed vertically and it will be full screen.

    I find all of this disappointing, but I love the phone none-the-less.

  2. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    The front camera images are also reversed. Why would they be reversed? There's reasons for this with an astronomical telescope, but with a small camera? Are they using a mirror in there somewhere?
  3. tabularasa

    tabularasa New Member

    You're right! I hadn't even noticed that. That doesn't make any sense. Hmm. Well, the front facing camera is great for video calling, but in my opinion it totally fails at taking pictures.
  4. cazwell220

    cazwell220 New Member

    That's because the front facing camera is really only meant for video calls, or taking quick and messy self portraits...

    It's not going to give you very good quality for anything except very low bandwidth enabled imaging to be sent over a 3g or wifi connection in (near) real time...

    The image is also mirrored on purpose. If it was like regular video then you would appear to be left handed (if you were right handed) and writing/lettering (such as on your t-shirt) would appear backward.
  5. tabularasa

    tabularasa New Member

    That's understandable. I wish the front-facing camera had the capability to take better pictures, but I realize that's not its purpose. I also wish it were possible to record video using the front-facing cam because I think it'd be a great tool for video blogging, but oh well. Still a great phone and the video shot with the back camera is GREAT.
  6. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    So how do they mirror the image? Is there actually a mirror in there? I would think the image would be upside down rather that side to side. View cameras use no mirror and the image is upside down on the glass.

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