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can't change gmail primary email account

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  1. overeducated

    overeducated New Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 27, 2010
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    OK I've read all of google's explanations but still.... When I bought the Moto Droid I already had a google account (WITH NO GMAIL account). In order to access the apps Market, it forced me to sign up for a gmail account and assigned me a gmail address. This address now appears as the primary address in google however I sign in. It doesn't allow me to swap the google primary email address to my work email address (which used to be the primary email address before). Normally I wouldn't care. However, new goggle chrome extensions insist on using my (unwanted) gmail to communicate with me, even though I signed into google with my work email address. If I delete gmail from my main google account (which you can do ) - will this affect my droid experience? For ex, downloading apps and getting invoices for apps purchases?
    By the way, I am using Moxier with Exchange and loving it.


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