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  1. saeed_htb

    saeed_htb New Member

    I'm currently trying to install xrecovery to install android 2.3 but when I try to change the permissions of the program in Root Explorer I get this error.

    'Permissions change was not successful. Please note that some file systems(e.g SD Card) do not allow permission changes.'

    I have my phone rooted with superuser aswell

    Anyone help??

  2. afraaa

    afraaa Member

    oohhh yeah as soon as i solve my proble because of lack of gauidness quickly i register to help you buddy :

    mine had same problem and this is solution

    unistall all xrecovery u installed before
    delete previous xrecovery.tar and other 2 file (busy box) and others from root and system\bin directory .

    1 download recovery signed apk (mine downloaded from mediafire)
    site wont let me put link here . u can easily search "recovery signed apk mediafire" on google and find it

    2 .go to market and install busy box .
    2.1 -when it ask what version u want to install choose th last one 1.8...
    2.2 -and when it aks where do u wanna install , choose system\bin
    2.3 -done installation

    4 now install xrecovery_singed.apk

    when u wanna istall it 3 items shows bellow the installation buttom .
    choose install and u will see three item checked(means installed)

    5 .. now use root explorer and go system\bin
    6 find xrecovery.tar and change permission :D

    if u had problem let me know
  3. afraaa

    afraaa Member

    and im persian too if u are :D and ps : top reply recovery file wont work to complete run xrecovery ! beside that permission allowed ! .

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