Can't Connect Dell Aero with PC, Sending ISD messages charging 5 Rs.Support

what you dislike most about dell aero ?

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  1. interface

  2. blocked apps

  3. battery

  4. price


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  1. gurbagri

    gurbagri New Member

    I have recently bought Dell aero from ebay. this phone poses hell lot of problems.
    1st issues is it keep on sending messages to some invisible number "for sure ISD" costing me 5 rupees. i cant stop it form doing it. it has one app named AT&T navigator, for sure this app has something to do with this messages sending.
    2nd issue is that my windows doesn't recognize or should i say detect dell aero. everytime drivers installation fails and it show ethernet gadget in device manager under unknown devices category. my windows is win7 home basic 64 bit if somebody have 64 bit drives for dell aero please send me..
    i need some android expert who can help me out....

  2. talk2chakra

    talk2chakra New Member

    I also bought the same from eBay & had been facing same problem. However, I have been get rid of the Synchronization Issue. I just reset the Phone (Setting->Master Clear & Reset->Master Clear). But, frequent deduction of Rupees 5, is beyond my control.
    Remember : Both Master Clear & Master Reset Password is 1234.
  3. gurbagri

    gurbagri New Member

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