Can't connect Evo 4g to xbox 360(to play music)?Support

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  1. HopeofCarter

    HopeofCarter Well-Known Member

    Connected the evo4g today and the xbox doesn't seem to detect it. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. ThatNewAndroidGuy

    ThatNewAndroidGuy Well-Known Member

    Did you try setting it in disk drive?
  3. theintoxicatedmofo

    theintoxicatedmofo Well-Known Member

    i had the same issue...a couple of weeks ago while painting my room i attempted to connect my Evo to the xbox 360 to play music from the SD card and it would not work at all..ive tried changing around the settings on the evo and even while on Disk drive it still would not be detected by Xbox.
  4. mr248

    mr248 New Member

    I set mine to disk drive and it still does not work
  5. Soudns like a problem with the xbox, I can connect my evo to my ps3 just fine.
  6. sythlord

    sythlord New Member

    did anybody figure this out
  7. phatdaddyfitz

    phatdaddyfitz New Member

    Try a app called double twist air sync. It cost $5 but well worth it. You can stream wireless music pictures or video. There is not a trial version but you might be able to find a torrent. Good luck.
  8. zmokahbiar

    zmokahbiar New Member

    It's working on my box all i did was put it In charging mode and I checked the little box underneath it and I just played with the wire by pulling It back then a window popped up and showed that it was charging and it gave me the choice to keep charging or put it in disk drive and when i clicked disk drive my xbox picked It up and it started playing hopes this helps I know im not very good at explaining things but this is how I did it
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