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  1. jbird91

    jbird91 New Member

    I am new to Samsung/Android and I am slowly learning how everything works.

    I am trying to sync my facebook contacts to contacts in my phonebook. I think I am doing the right thing but its not doing what I want it to do.

    I want my contacts as one single contact with their phone numbers, emails, company etc linked with there facebook and what ever else they have.

    My phone is creating two separate entries for one person and when I click connect with contacts nothing is happening. Is this how it should be because it is really confusing having 2 of everyone in my phonebook!


  2. Barats

    Barats Well-Known Member

    I am also having a problem with this as well.

    I came from the Evo, which ran on Sense. And when I created a contact and it happened to be a FB friend, there would be a notification appear as a Suggestion and if I wanted to link that contact to said person's FB page. Can't seem to make that happen on this phone.
  3. Gti fly

    Gti fly Well-Known Member

    sadly samsung's touch whizz software doesn't have this feature. On samsung you have to manually go thru all the contacts and 'link' them together. It just doesn't suggest them like htc sense does.

    also the facebook pics look all blurry and low quality in the samsung contacts, so when you get caller ID, their facebook pic that comes up looks all naff and low quality.

    def a bad point of samsung over HTC, I wish samsung would copy HTC on this one
  4. jbird91

    jbird91 New Member

    I am trying to link them manually but thats not working either, its grouped together whats app and facebook but won't link them to the phone number.
  5. Barats

    Barats Well-Known Member

    I accidentally deleted a contact and had to add them back. So when I did, it would not let me link them back to their FB. I synced the contacts again through the FB app and nothing. When I go search for the FB profile to link, it does not show up at all, but they are definitely still on my FB friends list.

    It's not a huge deal to me but I like pics to go with contacts. And yes, you are definitely right. The FB quality photo it uses are pretty crappy.
  6. CaptnSpaulding

    CaptnSpaulding New Member

    I highly recommend a free app called Sync.ME -

    You can choose what you want to sync with Facebook and select which contacts you want to sync with. If it doesn't have the right matches then it also allows you to do it manually.

    I've been using this for years when I had my iPhone and now with the Note 2 and works flawlessly!

    It even notifies you of birthdays with a 'Happy Birthday' jingle haha
  7. DrewForce

    DrewForce Member

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