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  1. mikiduki

    mikiduki New Member

    I purchased the new connector to connect Galaxy 2 to TV thru HDMI . Restarted TV and tablet , found the correct TV input but TV can not find tablet-massage-NO SIGNAL!!!


  2. fugi1967

    fugi1967 Member


    There is no video, hdmi or vga output from the tab 2 ( I found this out too late also) they expect you to use it wirelessly with the allshare app!! This was told to me in two phone calls to Samsung. Two because I didn't believe it first time around!

    The adaptor you speak of which I also purchased is for the original tab.

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  3. Dee1712

    Dee1712 New Member

    Fugi1967 how do you connect wireless, please put it down step by step for me.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

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