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  1. tonykar

    tonykar New Member

    Hi Im new here.

    I used to be able to connect my Galaxy SII (by USB) to my laptop and it would appear in my computer. Now it doesnt.
    (I want to get photos off my phone)

    also (maybe related) when my battery is flat and plug it in it does the music intro then says beeps battery low and turns off then the process repeats endlessly.
    (Only fix I found is to open and remove and replace the battery and charge while turned off- then it works)

  2. GroverB

    GroverB New Member

    I have same problem with not being able to transfer photos from my galaxy s2 to my laptop. Has something changed?:(
  3. g42

    g42 New Member

    Me 3. Used to work fine, all of a sudden doesn't.
  4. Ijaz Ahmed

    Ijaz Ahmed Well-Known Member

    You need to have Samsung Android drivers on your PC, un-installing and re-installing the drivers may help.

    When you connect your GS2 to your PC, two thing should happen.

    1) Battery Charging
    2) GS2 should enumerate as a USB device

    You may have a broken cable, or it may be a Windows/OS issue

    If you are sure you have drivers installed, check your GS2 with your cable on another PC which does not have drivers installed. If Windows detects a device on USB and asks for drivers, then your GS2 and cable is OK and the issue is with your original PC or the drivers.

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