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Can't connect my HTC Desire to my pcSupport

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  1. Lui64

    Lui64 Member

    I bought my HTC Desire about 18 months ago. The first few months I had no problem connecting to to my computer(Windows 7) whatsoever but recently it has become impossible. I always hear a double sound "bling bling". It sounds like it tries to connect but then gets rejected. I reinstalled the driver but it's still the same. If my phone is connected to the computer(USB) my computer freezes after a while.
    I tried out connecting the phone to my notebook(Windows Vista) and my netbook(Window XP) but the problem is identical. The phone charges though so there is some kind of connection.

    What might be the problem?:(

  2. Lui64

    Lui64 Member

  3. DMXXX

    DMXXX Well-Known Member

    I guess it might be the memory card. Try a different one or make a backup of the contents, format and try it empty. I once had a similar problem with the installation of an app going wrong, which made connecting to a PC take a really long time.
  4. Moh1336

    Moh1336 Member

    It does sound like the SD card is failing. Try using another card as suggested to see if the results differ.

    Alternatively, have you tried turning the phone completely off? My dad had a similar issue with his DHD and turning it completely off seemed to fix the issue.
  5. jeremy_inc

    jeremy_inc Well-Known Member

    Have you tried booting the phone in recovery mode, then mounting the storage from there?
  6. Lui64

    Lui64 Member

    I tried connecting the phone without the memory card(I didn't have a spare one) but it was the same double bing(connect: bing, disconnect: bing) sound and there was no connection. I tried the "turn it off, take out the battery, put battery back in, turn on" method like I read on the internet but it didn't work either. I'll try out the recovery mode method if I find out how it works.
  7. shauny13

    shauny13 Well-Known Member

    try another usb, also make sure no other usb's have things plugged in them at same time
  8. Lui64

    Lui64 Member

    Like I menitioned I tried out my HTC Desire on my computer, netbook and notebook and it didn't connect to any, so it won't be the usb connection(I've also tried plugging it on several usb).
  9. khug

    khug New Member

    I received this advice from HTC support and it cured the problem for me:

    If you can follow the instructions below.

    - settings
    - connect to pc
    - default connection type
    - set this to HTC sync


    - settings
    - applications
    - development
    - Turn on USB debugging

    Once you have done this soft reset the phone. This is to take out the battery while the phone is turned on, wait 10 seconds, then put the battery back in and start up the phone. Try to sync to the Pc then.

    If you can remove all other sync software on the pc also please, as this often conflicts.
  10. Lui64

    Lui64 Member

    Thanks for your post but it didn't help:(

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