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can't connect / sync to PC via USB

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  1. jbeale

    jbeale Member

    I just got a White HTC MyTouch 3G, and after a few hours it auto-updated itself to Android Version 2.2.1
    (Kernel version android-build@apa26 #1 )

    I bought it as an unlocked phone from newegg.com. I don't have a data plan, I'm using it with a T-Mobile prepay card, and using my house wifi network for data. That works ok, although even with a solid signal, the wifi speed varies a lot (from 993 kbps down to 85 kbps). I took some photos, and recorded some GPS tracks, and wanted to download the data to my PC.

    Question: I found some instructions online for reading the microSD card from a PC. Here is the first step:

    "1 Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable. A notification icon appears in the status bar."

    ...but on my phone, that never happens. Also, my computer USB port has a light which turns on when a USB device is connected, and the light never goes on. I tried two different computers, no luck. The USB charging cord that came with the phone is white, about 5' long, has a standard USB Type A plug on one end, and the HTC proprietary miniUSB/phone plug on the other. The cord is labelled 73H00316-00M if that matters. The USB cord does work for actually charging the battery, from a computer or the provided USB charger wall-wart plug.

    Is it possible the provided cord is for charging only, and the USB data pins are not connected? I could try another cable, but of course the phone connector is non-standard so this is the only matching cable I have.

    So far, my workaround is to physically remove the uSD card and put in my PC card reader. Of course, that works, but I'd prefer to just connect via USB cable if possible.

  2. jbeale

    jbeale Member

    Now it's working! plugged USB cable into laptop, MyTouch popped up a screen saying "USB connected" with button "turn on USB storage", and after clicking it I can browse the files on the card from Windows.

    What is a mystery is why this didn't work two days ago. Same laptop, same cable, same MyTouch. Hmmm.

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