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  1. FlawlessLegacy

    FlawlessLegacy New Member

    Hey all,

    I recently purchased a Samsung Infuse on Amazon because my Captivate died after being a little over a year old and AT&T wouldn't help out. The Infuse since I bought it has never connected to the 4g network on its own and only the WiFi actually works. I have the 4g sim card in it and the Packet Data is checked off. I brought it to the AT&T store and they again were reluctant to help because I had to buy the phone from Amazon rather than shell out their kind of money. The guy at the store suggested a factory reset, I'll probably lose the unlock but it doesn't bother me because it is an AT&T phone anyways. I'll appreciate any help, thank you!

  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    Are you basing this on the fact you don't see the 4g icon in the status bar? If so, that's normal. Even though the Infuse has a 4G icon, you'll never see it on the AT&T network because they don't have true 4G. AT&T's network is HSPA+, so you'll see an H+ icon with an up & down arrow to indicate when uploading or downloading data (like in the pic below).
  3. FlawlessLegacy

    FlawlessLegacy New Member

    I will see the H+ icon only when receiving or sending a picture message. Other than that I don't see it and also the phone will not connect to the internet while I am outside of WiFi. It's truly maddening

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