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  1. alexcool25565

    alexcool25565 Well-Known Member

    Hello, i failed to root my phone i followed the instructions and now when i went to use my camera it said cannot connect to camera. I've rebooted my phone, turned it of then on, and i also went in FTM mode then restarted. I really would appreciate it if i could get a answer. thanks.:confused::confused:

  2. Vasolini

    Vasolini Active Member

    I had the same problem when I rooted mine. The first time, the camera won't connect. I went through the root instructions again, and the camera came back, but the video was flaky and a red border kept flashing around the edge of the screen. So I decided to start over and do the factory restore. Once it rebooted, the camera still worked, the video problem went away, and for some strange reason, it stayed rooted! I had to reinstall some apps, but all is good now. I love this phone so far!!!:D
  3. alexcool25565

    alexcool25565 Well-Known Member

    But is there a way to fix this problem? If there isn't ill just go to the metro store and just have them fix it there then.:(:(

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