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  1. bloydie

    bloydie New Member


    My girl bought the G2 a while ago as she wanted it for apps like an iphone. From day one she has been unable to login with a gmail account so she can download apps. She can surf the net and check ger hotmail.

    I have done some reading and peeps mention to do a reset and then try. She does not want to do this is there any other way to get aroudn this and login.

    - Does she need to log into gmail to download apps?
    - Does she have to do a reset inorder to login to her gamil account, will this definetly fix the issue
    - Not sure what version of android she is on, if we upgrade her current version to a more recent version can i avoid having to do the reset.


  2. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    The only way to change to another Google account is to hard reset. If the phone is still on 1.5 then follow the procedure in this thread to upgrade to 2.1 and you'll get to set it up on a new Google account.

    You provide your phone with details of your Google account when you first set it up.

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