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  1. doodlebug1

    doodlebug1 Member

    I'm stumped.

    Kies does not recognize that my Samsung Galaxy Note is connected to my Mac.

    1) I am using the right cable, and when I plug it in, my phone starts charging....yet Kies continues to ask me to plug it in
    2) I have downloaded Kies three times.
    3) I have disconnected the cord and reconnected--nada

    What do I do?? I want to move my photos off the phone into Kies!


  2. James_Bond

    James_Bond Well-Known Member

    doodlebug1 Kies can be stubborn some times.

    Here is my #1 Tip
  3. doodlebug1

    doodlebug1 Member

    Thank you so much for responding. My responses in red:

    You don
  4. doodlebug1

    doodlebug1 Member

    Guess what?? IT WAS A DEFECT IN THE FIRST CORD--the same cord that came with my phone!! I just went back to look at the USB part of my phone, and voila, it showed it to be connected with this second cord I got! Wooo hoooo. So my photos are now on my computer. Thank you!
  5. dirtbikerr450

    dirtbikerr450 Well-Known Member

    download drivers?
  6. James_Bond

    James_Bond Well-Known Member

    Glad you got it all backed up.

    REMEMBER to set the default picture and video storage location to your SD card, that way if anything happens to your phone your media will be safe on your SD card.

    I think to do that on the Note you go into your Camera and then tap on that little gear icon, select storage, then tap SD card/Memory card.

    Dirtbikerr450, Kies should allow you to MANUALLY download the drivers for your phone if you NEED to. Typically though the phones drivers are built into the phone and its plug and play. You just plug the phone into the computer and it downloads automatically and you
  7. Src222

    Src222 New Member

    On your mobile, go into Settings--> Wireless network--> USB utilities
    Then connect to Mac

    The Samsung files should then come up on Mac and you can transfer photos from 'camera' manually.
  8. peterposh

    peterposh Active Member

    Every single time I connect my phone to the pc and try to use kies I have to reinstall drivers, eventually I gave up

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