Can't connect to wifi at all (Galaxy SII)

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  1. neira

    neira New Member

    I've just got new Samsung Galaxy SII Pink.
    But i could never connect to the wifi. I can detect a network (both at home and open wifi spots), but it can't connect. It just says connecting, and than disconnected.
    I had new software installed, done factory restore, restarted router and everything else.
    I've searched the internet but it seems that nobody had the same problem..

    Please help

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Hi neira, and welcome to Android Forums!

    It won't connect to any wifi access points? None at all? :confused:

    Unfortunately there have been quite a few users in our Galaxy S2 section here reporting a similar issue but usually it only affects one particular AP, often their home router. I can't ever remember anyone having the problem of being unable to connect at all. That sounds like a fault.

    My advice, as it's a very new handset, is to return to the retailer and explain the problem. It will be easy for them to see for themselves and so they should replace it.

    Good luck.
  3. neira

    neira New Member

    I can't return it to retailer because i got if as a present from another country.

    It' cant connect to ANY wifi network. The best it went was 'obtaining ip adress' at one opet network, but not further than that.

    It also replaces letter of wifi adress names: "q" instead of "a", "/" instead of "L" etc.

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