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  1. ss1234

    ss1234 New Member

    I tried using z4root first, but I could not get the phone to root correctly. Then I tried SuperOneClick, and the phone said that it rooted, but it would not let me tether and use the internet. I tried using the Verizon hotspot which I had been paying for, but it no longer works. The computers can connect to the phone, but there is an alert saying there is a problem and there is no internet connection. I tried resetting the phone back to the factory condition, but there was no change. Also, connecting the phone directly to the computer via data cable is not working either. Does anyone know a way to either root the LG ALLY with Froyo 2.2.1 FRG83 or fix the phone so that I can continue to connect with Verizon hotspot?

  2. MWisBest

    MWisBest Member

    Are you sure you didn't turn off the 3G connection? When I pull down the status bar on my phone there is a button in the top right corner that turns 3G on and off.

    Can you get on the internet on your phone using WiFi?

    Also, once you root your phone you don't need to pay Verizon for the 3G hotspot, you can just use the free app on the Market called Wireless Tether for Root Users.

    EDIT: You're in the wrong forum. This is the LG Vortex forum, not the LG Ally forum!
  3. ss1234

    ss1234 New Member

    I checked all of the settings, and the 3G was enabled. I can use the wifi on the phone, but not on the computer, even when the computer says that it is connected to the phone.

    *I meant to type LG Vortex in the previous post.
  4. bolski

    bolski Well-Known Member

    Out of the box, unless you purchase the tethering option, you won't be able to tether other devices.

    To actually make the Vortex act as a hot spot, you have to root the phone and then replace the stock rom with a ROM that has the tethering enabled. Then, you can get an app from the market to do tethering.

    However, be wared. AT&T is already watching people and as soon as they see you are tethering to your iPhone without their package, they will just tack on the option without notifying you. I'm sure droids are next.

    If AT&T is getting ready to do this, then you can bet all the other carriers will follow suite, so be warned!

    Here is the article on the crackdown: AT&T cracks down on unauthorized iPhone tethering, Android could be next – Android and Me
  5. Duncan113

    Duncan113 Member

    What does AT&T mean 'unauthorized'? I use their service and want to tether my Toshiba Thrive to my Samsung phone using an app. Are they going to penalize me for this? I'm still using the AT&T service I already pay for to connect the Thrive to the internet, via the phone.

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