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Can't copy/delete music through USB cordSupport

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  1. Gfrog101

    Gfrog101 Member

    I was having an issue with this program where when i tried to sync it would freeze, so i tries a couple others and had the same problem. Then i tried to drag and drop song directly into the SD card but that didnt work either, just froze my explorer.exe, anyone else have this problem? or know how to fix it? i tried formatting the SD card in both windows (using an sd card reader) and in the phone with no luck

    Update on the issue: I can only copy music onto the SD card if it is not in the evo, i have no idea why. When i try to copy music into the SD card while its in the evo it just starts the process and never continues or completes (just says "Discovering items...")

  2. Gfrog101

    Gfrog101 Member

    I dont know how to delete a thread but i fixed the problem just kept trying different things

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