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  1. milkmantims

    milkmantims New Member

    I can't delete favorites in the call log after the update. Any ideas on how to delete them, or better yet, not even show up as favorites? Thanks....

  2. rdsok

    rdsok Well-Known Member

    I believe you are misunderstanding what is being shown and with good reason probably as well...

    On the Favorites tab found in the People app ( on ICS ), it also lists the Recently contacted contacts on the same tab but they are listed differently than a favorite would be. A favorite is listed with a larger pic than the recently contacted are listed. You can see what I mean by going into a contact and enabling the star ( upper right corner ) on that contact, then go back into the Favorites tab...

    I see no way to clear the recent contact list... but for the actual Favorites you can control what it lists by enabling/disabling the star icon on each contacts main page
  3. milkmantims

    milkmantims New Member

    rdsok- Thanks for the clearup. I did see the difference between favorites and frequently called, but I wasn't very clear in my original post. Sorry about that. I saw how to add/remove favorites, but really I wanted to clear the frequently called list. Seems redundant to have a freq called log as well as a recently called log, and I can't figure out why you can clear one but not the other...

    Seems like this was an issue a couple years ago, and was fixed by an update. I was hoping I was overlooking a simple procedure.

    I did try clearing the data in manage apps>contacts>clear data, manage apps>contacts data>clear data, and manage apps>contacts sync>clear data

    None of those seemed to make any difference.

    That worked the last time around, but not this time.

    BTW..I did do a FDR after the update, and clean installs of apps.

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