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  1. Nowski101

    Nowski101 New Member

    First off, I would like to apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum or if there was another post that has been answered about this. I just wanted to get this very frustrating problem out there for smart people to help me with before I go off.
    So, ive had my g1 for the past 2 months and just recently I decided to delete my texts. Most of my threads are below 100 messages, BUT I have 5 threads at 600+ and 2 at above 3000. And everytime I try to delete a thread it freezes up. And I dont want to have to do a factory reset because im not using the data plan on the phone and idk how I will get it all back.
    Anyways, so Ive heard that if I go into the messaging app and then long click on a thread and click delete and just keep pressing wait, it will eventually delete. But when I do that, it never gives me the usual popup saying "Force Close" or "Wait" So idk..
    Another thing I have heard people say is to delete the texts 1 by 1 or let the phone do it by itself. How do I do that!!?!?!

    Has this been fixed by a Firmware update I missed? Or what?

    Thank You for your time, hopefully you can help

  2. pacothebandit

    pacothebandit Well-Known Member

    Yeah man I have been having the same issues. I just started deleting them one by one in the thread...but for me I only have one thread that is...well was over 1500 and have it down it 935 now...the rest are all pretty small. To me it's not worth doing the master reset and what not.

    Unless anyone can tell me that I will not have to root my phone all over again...BUT I did backup my G1 onto my sd card...can I just do the wipe and reload the backup file?? hmmmm I have an application Tmo took off the market, well forced Google to take off, if I reload my backup file would all those apps and stuff come back?

    These are important questions that need to be answered before I even think of wiping my phone.
  3. Nowski101

    Nowski101 New Member

    But I cant figure out how to delete individual messages inside a thread.
    Can anyone help me out? I really dont want to have to factory reset, but that might be my only option :(
  4. Nowski101

    Nowski101 New Member

    I figured out how to delete individual messages.
    Now the trouble is deleting all 5640 of them.

    Anybody have any ideas if the next firmware update will fix this problem? and if so, when might this update be out?
  5. pacothebandit

    pacothebandit Well-Known Member

    Hey man, so last night I had 800 somethin messages left in one thread...i figured I would try to delete it and it seemed like it was going to freeze up...BUT LOW AND BEHOLD.....YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED???? IS THE SUSPENSE KILLING YOU???? :DOK ILL TELL didnt freeze and the messages deleted...that's really good. SOOOO try deleting your threads with 600 in them
  6. smint

    smint Well-Known Member

    i can delete threads with 900 in them no problem, not tried higher yet.

    Just put your phone so the screen is perminantly on so you know when it's done, press delete and put the phone down and wait.

    if you start fidleing with it you will fail.
  7. Nowski101

    Nowski101 New Member

    Well i went through and deleted almost all the messages 1 by 1...
    I have 2 threads left. One with 3626 messages and decreasing and the other has 1092.
    I think i'm going to have to delete them by hand like i did with all the others...
    I dont want to factory reset
  8. sobolan

    sobolan Member

    How can I delete the default sms aplication. I have in outbox a stuck sms that is keep traing to send it self. The problem is that the sms number is wrong and I keep get 3 sms back from my provaider to change the number, but I cant find the outbox, dose it have one????

  9. jads

    jads New Member

    After a friend had a similar problem, I wrote an app to help with deleting.

    An android device with around 5,000 messages takes about 7 seconds to delete a single message. Deleting a conversation of over 100 messages will take around 10 minutes and there is no visual feedback.

    I've written an app to help keep message numbers at manageable level.

    Basically, you specify a time period, for example 1 month, and the app will delete all messages that are over 1 month old.

    There is visual feedback of the process - so you know the phone is actually deleting the messages rather than hanging / force close.

    The app can take a while to complete, but will make your messaging app so much more responsive.

    The app is called "Delete old messages" from JADS Limited.
    Its on the android market free of charge.

    Hope it helps,

  10. none1

    none1 New Member

    Hi, I have found a solution to the problems deleting text messages. Mine was over 3000 for a thread and would force close when I tried to delete. Go in the settings for the auto delete and set it for 200 messages less than you have in the thread. It will delete 200 the next time you send a message to that person. Continue to do this until it is down to enough to delete the rest of the thread normally.

    I have not tried doing more than 200 at a time, found 200 worked and stuck with it. You may be able to do more at once.

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