Can't delete number from a contact

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  1. MikeInPoulsbo

    MikeInPoulsbo Active Member

    My fat fingers accidentally added an incoming call to the wrong contact. I went to that contact in the contact list and can see the number I added, however when I edit the contact that number does not appear. How do I get it out of there? I looked in gmail and only the original number is synched.

  2. Powerpak786

    Powerpak786 Member

    Hey I've not heard of that problem before but try clicking on the contact number from your contact list and then holding it down now it should give you an option to delete

    Hope this helps but if not I'm sorry because it varies between phone send me a reply giving me your phone model number and i will hopefully look into it and reply
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  3. MikeInPoulsbo

    MikeInPoulsbo Active Member

    The phone is a Samsung Galaxy 2S. It worked fine pressing and holding the number. I was then able to delete it.
  4. LoraAnne

    LoraAnne New Member

    I also have numbers put on accidently, by Verizon, and don't want all these people on my list from Facebook. If I click on them, their phone will ring, and I don't have these names on my "people" section. How do I delete them and the number?

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