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    Nov 18, 2012
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    Hello everyone! I was tinkering with my phone (which I usually do since the 1st time I got a samsung smartphone) and suddenly I got this "No Sim Card" icon. I hope this can still be fixed.

    First, here is what I did with my phone:
    1. I updated it to Android 4.1.2 using TheWhisp's CM10 rom.
    2. I set the app configuration to save apps in the sd card rather than in the internal storage. I used the terminal app that came from the CM10 rom. Here are the commands that I used:
    $> su
    $> pm setInstallLocation 2
    3. I originally tried unlocking my phone using this tutorial:

    But I gave up since I there was no /efs/mits directory and resorted to this tutorial:

    After following the tutorial (which didn't help me since I never found the code), I restarted the phone and then I was greeted with a "No Sim Card" icon.

    Could anyone possibly help me? I am really desperate to get this fixed.



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