Can't do with Rooted that can in unrooted/locked?Support

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  1. miyako

    miyako Active Member

    Hi may I know if there is/are anything/things that I can not do with rooted which I can do on an unrooted tab? Yes the reverse!

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    * Warranty is voided, FYI, Motorola introduced a technique that tracks the rooting status of a phone, so theoretically, the warranty voids the second it's rooted ;)
    * Boost performance
    * Use advanced apps that control hardware
    * take screenshots easily
    * Allow device to be controlled (like remote desktop)
    * Remove bloatware (browser, clock, email app, useless stuff)
    * move apps to SD

    * can install apps that requires unrooted devices (kinda wierd!)

    For more information see this video, they start talking about rooting at 29'28":
    Android Authority On Air - Episode 19 - To root or not to root

    Also read: Rooting for dummies: A beginner's guide to rooting your Android device
  3. miyako

    miyako Active Member

    oh so the answer is rooted can not install all the apps from the market?

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