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  1. norash

    norash Member

    I have been bought for xmas an unbranded android tablet (think it has been bought through ebay and came from china??) I have been trying to download from market but it keeps saying download failed and after resuming about 10 times I eventually get the download to finish, then when I try to install it says there is a problem with the .apk files. Also in the market the apps seem to be different than the one on my galaxy s2 I for eg when I type in facebook there is no facebook app that comes up in search,

    I had thought that this would have been exactly like my phone but on a bigger screen am I wrong in this??

    Could someone please advise me on this because if it is no good to me (because it came from china) I am going to try sending it back



  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    A lot of the unbranded Chinese tablets don't come with access to the proper market and as a consequence have a modified Chinese Market meaning not all apps are available.

    Is there anything you can see that would identify the tablet as having a make/model? There might be a way of forcing the proper market on there?
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  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Seems to be getting rather busy with questions about cheapo Shenzhen China pads in this forum lately.

    You're correct, it actually comes from a city just north of Hong Kong, in Guangdong Province.
  4. norash

    norash Member

    The only thing I can see on it is Model No PC-802. I have been in touch with my friend who purchased them through her ebay account and she has contacted the sellar and we are waiting on them coming back - hopefully we will be able to return and get our money back from them

  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Sharon, You probably are better getting a refund on it if you can. What you've got is basically designed and intended for use in mainland China, e.g. there's no Facebook app because Facebook doesn't work in China. Instead it's probably got things like QQ, Youku, Tudou and Taobao apps.

    To be frank I wouldn't buy a cheapo China tablet and I live in China.
  6. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    This is doubtful.
    EBay and Craig's list has been responsible for a fire storm of bad sales of late, on another forum there were 3 sales of hot phones and a loss of almost 500.00 between them from CL.
    These tablets are sold as Android Tablets in the USA but unlike Real Honest Android Tablets they are not approved by Google which is part of the reason why they don't have the Android Market on them.
    Normally the Hardware on these tablets is capable of running Android, but the ROM installed by the Chinese manufacturer is full of problems and is the root of the complaints against them. Little to no documentation on these devices makes rooting and new ROMs slim to nill and in the end they end up being used as paper weights or coffee coasters.
    I hope you can get a refund from the seller, but since it was on eBay I doubt you will ever hear from the seller again, eBay will have to do the refunding, if that.
    I'm sure this tablet will be more than what you paid for the ones on eBay, but if you do get your money back, check your local WalMart for the Vizio 8 inch tablet. I picked one up for just under 200.00 and it is a wiz compared to the thing you bought.
    And I think I know what you bought, as my brother had the great misfortune of buying one.
    These companies can and do make devices with capable hardware, they just put crap software on them, but without proper documentation on the device and it's software it is very hard to make corrective software/ROMS or a new OS that will work on them and fix all the problems.

    Good luck.
  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    What a difference a year makes....LOL.. "Device(s): Three Chinese Androids: Kliton I806LS, Lenovo P700i, Ampe A76" :rolleyes:

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